Thursday, August 12, 2010

Love; It's All You Really Need

Vegas for March break.... We'd only been home for less than two weeks and we were off to Nevada. I hadn't been there for awhile (side note: last time we went there I was 7 or so), and my memories of it weren't very good. All I really remembered was the Pirate Show at Treasure Island (it's supposed to happen nightly). I didn't remember the 'Sin' in "Sin City".

This time, I immediately was put off. There were tons of 20 somethings running around our hotel (the Venetian) drunk which was okay but the smoking and everything was a little much .. (guess it prepared me for Europe!) My view really changed after our second night there.

Vegas is kind of brisk in March, you could be bundled up wearing a sweater in the morning and lounging by the pool at lunch... It was crazy! Now my family isn't big theater fans, or Beatles fans but we wanted to see a show that would be cool. Our expectations going into Cirque de Soleil LOVE were low, and I'm glad they were because we were WOW'd. The theater is a big X with a small stage in the middle, and we were two rows from the front. It was awesome we were at the same level as the performers so you could see their faces. Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures in there but if you ever go to Vegas, it's a must!

The next day, we hit up the Eiffel Tower replica at the Paris hotel. Go there for great eclairs, and a wicked view over the strip. You can even see the distant mountains that are just beyond the desert. We went on the standard 'walkabout' through Caesar's palace and also went to NEW YORK NEW YORK to go on their roller-coaster. My brother and I went on the ride, which was very good but the first drop was a little well high. That night we saw the Blue Man group, which was very good only it didn't really compare to our night before.

That's all for now, thanks for reading

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