Friday, January 8, 2010

Peak District England

Once upon a time I was in my library, looking for something interesting.. Of course I had always heard that Pride & Prejudice was one of the best books of all time. Too bad it could not keep my attention span past page 10. Anyways, I decided to give the whole story of Lizzy & Darcy another go, and it was a little better. Wow, the sites in the movie were spectacular, I think that's probably why I liked the movie so much. They had huge country mansions, and high cliffs looking down into the valley (Stanage Edge; I'll talk about that later).

The first location I want to talk about is clearly my front runner. I want to hike this edge near Hathersage, England someday...... It's known as Stanage Edge. It's in the middle of Peak National Park in England in the middle of England, Robin Hood territory (in fact Little John is said to be buried in a nearby town). No words or anything can describe Stanage to me, so I figure a picture will do it justice.

The next destination is the castle that Darcy owns,
known as Pemberly in the movie but we all really
know it is Chatsworth House. The setting looks
as if it has been ripped out of a fairy tale.
Sadly though you may not experience this
place in the solitude,
since it is a fairly popular attraction in the
Peak District area. Arrive early and stay for a while,
it looks like it's worth it.

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